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Personal Trainer Rushcutters Bay and surrounding areas



Personal Trainer Rushcutters Bay - Fit Fundamentals Personal Training Rushcutters Bay

Fit Fundamentals is a Rushcutters based personal trainer providing personal fitness training solutions to Sydney clients living in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney and surrounding areas. 

Fit Fundamentals personal trainers are experienced  and will guide you through workouts that are fun, educational, and help you reach your fitness goals. Fit Fundamentals offers clients various personal trainer options including one on one personal training, group personal training & mobile personal training. 




Personal Trainer Rushcutters Bay - Fit Fundamentals


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 Address: Rushcutters Bay Area Sydney

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Personal Trainer Rushcutters Bay - Fit Fundamentals Personal Training Rushcutters Bay


Personal Trainer Rushcutters Bay.
Fit Fundamentals provide a variety of personal training services.

   Personal Training
   Group Personal Training
   1 on 1 Personal Training
   Mobile Personal Trainer
   Kids Fitness
   Outdoor Fitness
   Corporate Programs
   Strength Training
   Nutritional Advice
   Weight Loss


Whether you want to trim down, bulk up, improve your overall fitness, or just get fit in a fun and social environment. We can help.

Our training programs are tailored around you, so that you can adjust your session types based on your budget and lifestyle.

Started out with 1 on 1 training, but want to try something new? Let us know, and as long as there is a free spot you can switch and join a group class. Saving you money.

1 on 1 Training
Our hands on trainers are there with you every step of the way; we don't just give you an exercise and leave you to it. After the initial meet and greet our trainers write, revise and personalise a training program tailored to you and your goals. We listen to your concerns, pay attention to any injuries, know what exercises you do and don't like but most importantly we understand your goals and why you want to achieve them. All this, means your exercise program will be the most specific, personal and helpful workout you've ever done.

Group Classes
Our group fitness classes are our most popular. Sessions are designed to burn body fat, tone muscle, de-stress, increase energy levels and build your self confidence to ensure you keep exercising and staying fit.

Our corporate programs are designed to improve the overall fitness of your organisation. Leading to more cost effective and happier staff.

Kids Fitness
Our sessions are based on intelligent learning play, team building and social interaction. We structure fitness classes which encourage the development of your child's fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Research now tells us if children don't exercise and develop these skills early in life, there is a greater risk of problems later in life, including impaired learning, obesity and numerous social and emotional disorders.

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Personal Trainer Rushcutters Bay - Fit Rushcutters Bay
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Personal Trainer Rushcutters Bay, Sydney NSW

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